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What is Resysta?


rice husk


common salt


mineral oil

Resysta is extremely durable material, resistant to sun, rain, frost and even salt water. It consists of 60% rice husks, 22% common salt and 18% mineral oil and maintains the visual appearance of wood. In comparison to wood, it requires minimal maintenance and is highly resistant to pests, mold and cracks. Unlike other composite materials, it looks great and it has a smooth surface. As it concerns recycled and fully recyclable material, Resysta already meets most of the future environmentally sustainable material requirements. Due to the fact that standard prefabricated extruded profiles which are very solid and stable are used, these can be used only for a particular mmcité products. The current range of Resysta Family includes benches, litter bins and planters; therefore the whole project might be realized using mmcité products made of eco-friendly material.